Phase Two | Berkeley International School

Phase Two is Under Construction

DUE TO BE COMPLETED - 2016 - 2017

Having broken ground in October, 2014, completion of phase two will see the addition to our beautiful campus of a:

  • 350 Seat Auditorium
  • Gymnasium
  • Covered Tennis Center
  • Cafeteria
  • Football Pitch
  • Olympic Sized Swimming Pool

New Possibilities, New Horizons

These extensive plans will allow us to expand our ideas, projects and vision to give our students the opportunities deserving of them. We are already thinking about the shows we will put on in our auditorium, the expansion of our sports program in our gymnasium, the aces we will serve in our covered tennis center, and the trophies we will win on our football pitch.

Completion Dates

We expect the construction of phase two to be completed in early 2016. As construction has already begun, we are well on our way to having full use of these extensive facilities on our beautiful campus.