Truly International | Berkeley International School

An International Focus

Our student body reflects our intention to maintain a truly international school. Diversity is an important tenet of school life at Berkeley, and we maintain an international student ratio of over 50% to cultivate a truly international and vibrant campus.

An English Focus

Our teaching staff are from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. We enjoy a low teacher to student ratio, and this facilitates an effective transfer of language skills. Our policy of having more international students also ensures that English is the predominant language used around the school, both inside and outside of the classroom.

A Cultural Focus

An education in the arts is an essential element of a high quality education. We have an extensive music program where each student is expected to learn to play an instrument, and an art program where students hone their creative skills from kindergarten. This exposure to a wide range of skill sets opens up new opportunities for our students as they will be able to identify and follow fields in which they excel and enjoy.

A Vibrant, Beautiful Campus

Our campus provides a setting conducive to learning, and raises the expectation a student has of his/her own abilities. Immersing themselves in our vibrant, dynamic and beautiful campus impresses in our students a pride in school, a love of learning, and a motivation for accomplishment.