Berkeley Times Volume #10



Berkeley Times Volume #10

28 October, 2014

As the first quarter comes to a close, I would like to take some time to look back
at a successful first few months. Below are just some of the key events that
have occurred during a memorable quarter one.
Our Newsletter : Newsletter Volume #9
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Dear Berkeley Community, Happy (western calendar) New Year! This is a time when we all think about fresh starts and beginning positive life habits. Taking this to a broader level at Berkeley International School, I have been thinking about the role that pastoral care plays in the...

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Head of School The 2015-2016 school year is off to a wonderful start! The school’s transformation from summer to now has been quite the metamorphosis— from empty, lifeless rooms, to colorful hubs of learning. It is exciting to see the classroom walls filled with new student w...

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It is already March! Where has the year gone? Since we are this far along in the year, it is good to go back and review our Expected School-wide Learning Results. These are the statements that guide all of the teaching and learning at Berkeley. They are in the language about what...

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Berkeley's second quarter saw us grow even more, put on three lovely christmas shows, and much much more. Read through our newsletter to see all the wonderful things that we have done.Our Newsletter : Newsletter Volume #9...

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In this Issue. BERKELEY TIMES • WASC Visiting Committee Highlights • Classroom Highlights • Songkran • Campaign Day • Service Learning Trips • Berkeley Soccer Sixes • International Day Download the Newsletter Our Newsle...