Wai Khru Ceremony



Wai Khru Ceremony

16 January, 2015

Thailand's Wai Khru Day celebrates teachers through a ceremony of gift giving and Buddhist prayer.  Students express their respect for and gratitude to the teachers, and ask for the teachers' blessing of their studies.  A select number of students, usually the representatives of each class, will present the teachers with offerings of flowers, candles and Joss Sticks, arranged on a Phan - a traditional Thai plate.

Berkeley's event was memorable and touching.  Our teachers lined up on chairs in front of our students in our multi purpose room, and after two of our older students presented the meaning and significance of the ceremony and day to their peers and led us in Buddhist prayer, our students presented their gifts to their teachers in the traditional manner.

The ceremony wound down with a game of "who knows most about their teachers," which went over very well with our students considering there were tasty gifts for the winners, and then a speech by our headmaster talking about the significance of teachers in the lives of some of the great people of the world.
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