Lock In



Lock In

17 October, 2013

Berkeley teachers, being an astute and clever bunch, are constantly striving to bring that real taste of home into the realms of our school grounds.  The Middle/High School Lock-In as we know it was dreamed up early in the year as a way to instill a sense of team spirit, pride, and to bring a bit of a different type of fun to school.  An amazing amount of students signed up. Over 90% Berkeley students threw all they knew about school to the wind, and took the chance of possibly wasting a whole Friday night locked on campus.


Lock In Group

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The event was planned by all of our staff, but great thanks have to go out immediately to Mr. Darrick, Ms. Ashley, and Ms. Mel. Please don’t think for a minute that all the students had to do was hang out with their friends and get into trouble. These three got the evening off to a bang and set the tone for the night and the next morning with their witty, fun, and adventurous games.


There were new games, thinking games, classic games and exhausting games. Students were broken up into four groups, made team logos, thought up chants, designed posters, danced, and chose representative members to be the leaders for later events. It was laugh-a-minute full of action entertainment and the first 90 minutes saw us dash through a program that would adorn any clubhouse wall with pride. Coach Mike and the Headmaster also deserve a mention at this point for their tireless efforts in the first part of the evening to help get the night off on the right foot. Their involvement, laugh a minute antics and enthusiasm were well appreciated by all


Fun and Games


Coach Mike went out to purchase the drinks and ice for the evening and returned shortly thereafter with all of the student’s favorite drinks. Enough large pizzas to feed a small army were ordered and the evening meal went off with a bang. Surprisingly enough there were still a few pieces left over for breakfast; this was another one of those home grown traditions the teachers wanted to teach the kids- cold pizza for breakfast!


After dinner, points were tallied for the early entertainments and students all got involved in various sporting activities. DJ Dave set up his mobile disco in the atrium playing all kinds of his favorite tunes. Surrounded by heaps of dancers, with others running about, he whisked through a vast selection of top tunes music ranging from Queen to Lady Gaga.


The Berkeley flood lights were put into use for the first time, creating a fantastic atmosphere and encouraging large groups of students to make their way out to the basketball courts and football field.


It was time to run off the pizza and soda. Mr. Darrick and Ms. Ashley got the ball rolling in basketball; while Mr. Brian, who made his first appearance when the pizzas arrived, showed up again very timely with his official Wilson NFL football in hand.


Soccer was going to be the game of choice, but once 12 of the boys had thrown about the Frisbees, played basketball there was only one game that was going to be pursued!


Football American style with some short rule modifications to suit the night: no rush count, no forward laterals, and no quarterback sneaks. Some of our students were new to the game but once they got in the thick of the action things really started to fly. There were some great runs from the kick off, fumble recoveries, interceptions and touchdown passes. For our overseas students, who grew up playing the game in backyards and on weekends, suddenly Berkeley felt like a home away from home.


Football at Berkeley


Some notable student performances have to go to Andy – wide receiver, Kong- defensive line, Gabriel- quarterback, Noah- half back and special teams, Gap- linebacker, Dom- tight end, Dave – safety, Mr. Brian- nose guard, Mr. Darrick – fullback, Headmaster – offensive and defensive guard and Mr. Lloyd- kicker. The game, which was scheduled for only a 15-minute scrimmage, turned into almost an hour of great runs, set plays, and stunning kickoff returns! At 9 pm, summoned by the rest of the group, all the players walked off the field much better for the experience, and wishing they could do this kind of thing on a daily, if not weekly basis. It was another great school learning experience and feeling of togetherness outside of school hours, ‘these Lock-Ins are great,’ was a quote noted by many in the crowd.


Students cooled off in the library for some another game of great mirth, that had students looking like Ebenezer Scrooge meets the Cat in the Hat. Once these festivities were over the serious business of setting up the boundaries and laying down the rules and regulations of the Capture the Flag game got underway.


Capture the Flag was to be played over the whole ground floor of the school. Main bases were set up as jails. Safe areas were established for students who wanted to rest in no-man’s land, chat with their friends and use subtly to try and establish just where the other team had hidden their flag. With almost 20 a side this was a monster game and tested all of the student’s abilities to work as a team players, use tactics correctly, positioning, group support, and looking after their flag.


After the first game was finally decided at almost midnight- with the reds coming away with the flag- another game was hastily organized and the competition continued. At this point some of the younger students were getting tired so there was a time for showers and the next stage of the Lock-In was put into motion.


On the fourth floor of our main school building a whole array of rooms were set up for the students continued amusement. It was poetry in motion as you walked along the corridor to see the different signs of continued festivities. There were two movie rooms, a games room, and a gaming station for the x-box. Separate sleeping rooms were also made for boys and girls so those who were already tired could hit the sack. It was already 1:30 am on Saturday.


Games games games


At 2 am it was deemed by around the 20 students still in action that a make shift game of dodge ball was in order. Led by the still standing star nose guard Mr. Brian, the participants marched off from the entertainment floor and across the school into the Multi-Purpose Room for the action. The game continued until almost 3 am when it was it was finally time for lights out.


At just after 3 am on Saturday morning all through the house not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse, except for Ms. Ashley and Mr. Darrick checking on all of the sleeping students.


The night went smooth, or what was left of it. All students were up at 7 am for breakfast. Donuts, milk, and a bit of cold pizza were on the menu. The parents started to arrive at 7:30am wondering just how their adorable children would be. At 8:15am, all of the children had been picked up and were on their way home contemplating a great night at school! It has been mentioned that every single student had a nap on Saturday when they got back home. Is that true?

We would like to sum up by saying that the night was a true success exceeding even our own high standards. We would like to thank all of the students and teachers involved for their dedication, participation, and responsible attitudes.


Let’s take the energy generated from this night and put it into our studies, sports teams, and school spirit!

We are Berkeley!


When can we do it all again?





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