Basketball | Berkeley International School

Berkeley’s basketball program started in earnest at the beginning of the 2014 school year. The program has gone from strength to strength and Berkeley now features teams for boys and girls in the under 16’s, 13’s, 11’s and 9’s age groups.

Through GBAC, Berkeley has competed against many other international schools, and performed admirably at every occasion. Our excellent faculty of teachers have taken over coaching responsibilities and this close bond inside and outside the classroom is reflected in the tenacity, strength and capabilities of our teams.

We boast two outdoor courts, a new covered outdoor basketball arena, and a sports hall with space for three additional courts is under construction. The completion of our sports hall is much anticipated, and we are looking forward to hosting (and winning) tournaments in it.

The strong growth of our program has given us many new opportunities to expand and take on fresh opposition. Berkeley has come away victorious in previous GBAC tournaments and we are looking forward to continuing with these successes into the future.

We encourage all students to involved themselves in all sports at Berkeley, and this direction has made basketball an essential and important element of our students' school lives.