Soccer | Berkeley International School

We have a strong affiliation with soccer in our athletics department, and this sport leads the way in student participation. Throughout our school program we have teams of boys and girls at elementary, middle and high school levels.

The competition is fierce and fair play between our players is encouraged. All students are welcome to get involved in the programs.

Training sessions for team players are done at lunch and after school on our plush, international standard, grass futsal field. Our teams are all involved in inter school tournaments and competitive matches at other schools around Bangkok.

‘Everyone gets a game’, is a motto we like to use to encourage participation, and all who show up at practice sessions ready to give their best, deserve to become part of the team.

Training is centered around quick accurate passing, running into space, support play from the back, using the head, and endurance exercises. The skills of dribbling and shooting are also a top priority and these are refined during scrimmage games between our teams.