Swimming | Berkeley International School

The Berkeley Sea Lions swim team is still in its infancy but growing fast. We currently have 42 students all turning out regularly to stake their place on the teams.

We have two squads: the Red Squad, our developmental squad, and the Blue Squad, our competition squad. As with other athletics programs we offer places in our teams for boys and girls covering all age groups in school. Having a strong swimming team is one of our major goals and we aim to compete against other schools on a regular basis.

Our internal structure will focus on two different levels at the current stage, in order to gauge and divide all students into the right group that suits their needs and competitive edge.

The Red Squad

The Red Squad will be Berkeley’s development team. Swimmers that are learning and building strength will be placed into this squad. The main goals of this group will be self improvement, strengthening and eventually, through hard work and determination, winning a place on the blue squad. Practice sessions for the Red Squad, will include:

  • 1 X 25m Freestyle kick (even pace)
  • 1 X 25m Breaststroke (even pace)
  • 1 X 50m Circle swim ( any stroke)
  • 1 x 50m Freestyle kick

The Blue Squad

The Blue Squad will be known from the beginning as our competitive team. These swimmers will already be able to show speed, stamina and endurance with ability to swim effectively using a number of different strokes. This team will be the first group to face competitive opposition during the school year. any swimmer is able to move up to the Blue Squad with continued practice.

Practice sessions for the Blue Squad, will include:

  • 1 X 50m Freestyle swim (even pace)
  • 1 X 50 m Breaststroke swim (even pace)
  • 1 X 50m Freestyle breathing practice

Core work

  • 4 X 50m Freestyle DPS - Distance Per Stroke, concentrate on long efficient strokes and a high streamlined body position to reduce drag in the water.
  • 4 X 50m Freestyle swim

Warm down

  • 1 X100m Easy Any Stroke