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Berkeley International School Partnership with Dyslexia Thailand

“Students who have dyslexia or a language based learning difference are among the bravest people in the world. Every day they face challenges at school – challenges most teachers and students could never comprehend – but they return day after day. If you know a student who has dyslexia or a language-based difference, they deserve your utmost respect and support. People that brave have the potential to be the leaders of tomorrow”.

Dominique Perry, Founder of Dyslexia in Thailand

The Dyslexia Thailand Orton Gillingham (OG) Program is leading the way in education in Asia Pacific for students with dyslexia and language-based learning differences. We are the first to embed a 100% dyslexic program in a main stream school setting and employ the only accredited Orton Gillingham teachers in Thailand.

The main aim of Dyslexia Thailand is to provide high quality education that supports the unique needs of each individual child, developing his or her skills in all core areas alongside literacy and language development. By embedding the appropriate teaching strategies and evidence based intervention in all core subjects, students can experience success, confidence and ultimately the skills and tools to reach their full potential. Once this goal has been achieved, and students are equipped with the study skills and learning strategies necessary for independent learning, students can transition back into mainstream classes with reduced support from the OG program, and ultimately go on to further education and/or a successful career.

The (OG) teaching model incorporates one-to-one intensive intervention that is built into the academic schedule, allowing the individual needs of each student to be met and continually assessed and monitored. Teachers on the dyslexia program, who are experienced in teaching students with literacy and language differences, also teach the core subjects allowing the transfer of skills learnt during the OG sessions to be transferred into the classroom, a skill that is often difficult for a dyslexic student.

Alongside addressing each student’s language-based needs, we aim to develop the special gifts and talents each possess. Learning here is structured, sequential, individualized and student-centered – an approach that recognizes the unique struggles and strengths of each student and enables our students to gain confidence they need to be successful.

Benefits of the full-time program:

  • The OG approach is based on scientific evidence and practices validated over the past 70 years.
  • Evidence based teaching methods for dyslexic students are utilized in all subjects.
  • The students’ no longer have to wade through too-difficult material or get lost in large classes.
  • There is no embarrassment for students performing in front of others in the class.
  • The teachers understand the difficulties dyslexia students’ face, not only in reading and writing but also in organization, memory and language processing.
  • The teaching builds on the interests and strengths of each student to build self-esteem and confidence.
  • Student progress in monitored daily and instruction modified to address the developing skills of each individual.
  • Teachers encourage and foster metacognitive learning strategies to help students’ understand the way they learn - 'think' about their 'thinking'.
  • Dyslexia Thailand sees the development of independent, confident learners as a priority.

Dyslexic students are bright, resourceful and creative, but often lack the tools they need to reach their full potential. We have helped students gain those tools, build their confidence, and learn and love school again. Finally, they’re part of a school program that understands them, where they share the same type of frustration and experiences with other students, where they feel they are not alone.

Programs available at Dyslexia Thailand @ Berkeley International School

Intensive program:

  • OG 1:1 intensive intervention for 45min – 1hr per day
  • Core lessons in social studies, math and language arts taught by experienced dyslexia specialists.
  • Study skills sessions (Elementary)

Integration Program:

  • OG 1:1 intensive intervention for 45min – 1hr per day
  • Support sessions for core subjects that are taught in mainstream (10 + sessions per week)


  • OG 1:1 intensive intervention for 45min – 1hr per day

For further information please contact Toni Padden at topadden@berkeley.ac.th