The application system opens in October for the following school year which begins in August. We have a rolling admission process, so there is no deadline for joining school. Below are the guidelines steps for an easy entry into Berkeley.

  1. Fill out an initial inquiry form and enjoy a school tour.

  2. Purchase and complete an application form, children from grade 2 and up will be expected to sit a MAP test in English. Application forms cost 3000 Thai Baht for each student applying

  3. Have an interview with relevant section head.

  4. Submit application with additional documents as noted below.

  5. Application will be approved by our board and followed by a letter of acceptance.

  6. Purchase uniforms and set a start date.



  1. Two passport sized photographs of student

  2. 1 passport sized photograph of each parent

  3. Previous school records

  4. Copy of medical records

  5. Copy of passport, including parents

  6. Copy of birth certificate

  7. For Thai students copy of Thai ID or passport and copy of house registration