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Kayla Kititeekakul

Kindergarten 1 

B.S. Social Science, Portland State University, USA

Hello! My name is Ms. Kayla. I am excited to be one of Berkeley’s Pre-K teachers. I graduated from PSU in 2016. In 2017, I moved to beautiful Thailand with my husband and two children from Washington state, USA. I worked as a substitute teacher for Berkeley before becoming a part of the Pre-K team in 2022. I am passionate about learning and hope to ignite that passion in my children’s hearts as well! My classroom will be a safe space for students to grow while learning about themselves and the world around them. 

When not in school you will find me spending time with my family, enjoying the outdoors, riding my bike, traveling or reading a good book! I look forward to making connections with my students and their families. Welcome to Pre-K!

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Tara Savage

Kindergarten 3

Bachelor's in Music and Religious Studies - Hartwick College, United States
Master's in International Education - Framingham State University, United States


Hello everyone, I'm very happy to have joined the Berkeley team! I love the diverse backgrounds of all of the students! This is such an exciting place to work!
I am originally from the United States, but Asia has been my home for many years. Most of my teaching experience has been with kindergarteners and Pre-K students; however, I have taught primary aged children as well.
As a mother of three children (all born in Thailand!), I understand how children grow and interact. I can also connect with each of you as a parent, and understand your concerns and interests. I will aim to make school an enjoyable and safe place for your children. Please say hi to me, I would love to meet you!  


Caroline Kenward

Kindergarten 2

Masters in International Education and Development - University of Sussex, UK

B.A. Sociology - Bryn Mawr College, USA


Hi! I'm Caroline Kenward, a K2 Homeroom Teacher at Berkeley. Originally I’m from Chicago, USA but I have been living and teaching in Thailand since 2012 and consider Bangkok my home. I have taught students from grades K-12 and I believe that no matter what age a student is, they deserve respect and care. I am passionate about nurturing an inclusive environment where students can develop a growth mindset and build 21st century skills. I have always loved school and learning and hope that through a student-led approach with lots of silliness and fun that my students will also develop their own passions and interests. 

Outside of teaching, I love to travel with my partner and my family, read a good book, and bake delicious treats in my kitchen!


Lauren Wellbourne

Kindergarten 3

​Masters in International Education - Framingham State University, United States

B.A. (Hons) Marketing and Advertising - University of Lincoln, United Kingdom

Hi! I'm Lauren Welbourne, a K2 Homeroom Teacher at Berkeley. I’m from the UK and have been living in Thailand since 2015, working at International Schools as a Homeroom Teacher and Early Years Headteacher. My true passion is teaching, every day and every student is unique and presents an opportunity to learn and grow. I adopt a student-led approach, encouraging children to learn through hands-on experiences that incorporate the natural world whenever possible. I strive to make learning engaging and fun, whilst students develop their independence, creativity, and critical thinking skills. In my spare time, I like to run, hike, do crafts and travel. I’m a dedicated educator and it’s a privilege to be part of the Berkeley community, guiding young minds at the beginning of their learning journey.


Ursula Davies


Bachelor of Teaching - Latrobe University, Victoria, Australia.

Bachelor of Education - Latrobe University, Victoria, Australia.

Masters in International Education - Melbourne University, Victoria, Australia - 2020-21.

Reading Recovery Teacher - Victorian Department of Education, Australia.

ESL in the Mainstream - Adelaide, Education Department, South Australia & Amman, Jordan.


Hi, my name is Ursula Davies, and I am the Pre-K Teacher. I have been teaching full-time since 1997. I love teaching and leading because it's the personal moments, laughter, sincerity, the unexpected that keeps me on my toes. I strive to be a positive role-model and I believe in validating my student's and staff's own uniqueness whenever the opportunity arises. I am an Australian citizen and my husband is Welsh. Our children and grandchildren live in Wales, in the UK.  I hold an extensive international travel background, one that I find I am relaxed with and I appreciate working and living amongst diverse cultures. I am passionate about helping internationally displaced people & refugees, protecting animals, and promoting education in regards to sustainability initiatives/projects. My experiences range from being a Primary Teacher, Team Leader, IB PYP Coordinator and Acting Head of Primary. I have taught in Australia and in countries such as the United Kingdom, South America, United Arab Emirates, Jordan and my last posting, in Iraq. 


Bela Geddis

Kindergarten 2

Bachelor of Elementary Education and Special Education - St. Scholastica's College                 

Hello!  My name is Bela Geddis and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to teach my favorite grade level, Kindergarten, and join the reputable Berkeley Community. I have been teaching for the past 7 years, with experiences in learning support, early childhood PE, and early childhood music & movement. I am looking forward to teaching Kindergarten and encouraging skillful creativity and fostering curiosity. I love teaching young kids as they keep me energetic, passionate and happy!  I am beyond excited to explore the fascinating city of Bangkok, as well as the vast nature and culture of Thailand. I am looking forward to a fruitful school year! 


Stephanie Herron

Kindergarten 1

B.S. Elementary Education - University of Central Florida, USA


Hi! I’m Stephanie and I am part of the K1 team here at Berkeley. I am originally from the state of Wisconsin, but lived in Florida for 15 years before moving to Bangkok. In 2020, I moved to Thailand with my husband and our two children with the desire to experience new cultures while still fulfilling my passion for teaching. I have been working in the education field since 2006 and I am always seeking new ways to make learning fun and engaging for my students. I believe that all children are eager to learn when they are excited about the content, and it is my job as a teacher to find what interests my students and allow that to drive my lessons.


When I am not in school, you can find me spending time with my family, traveling, or reading a good book! I am looking forward to a very fun and successful school year in K1.

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