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Ennio Lamari, Co-founder, Grin Green International.

Ennio Lamari is a 17 year old French student at Berkeley International School and one of the founders of Grin Green International. Grin Green International is a student-led social enterprise, founded with the ambitious aim of liberating Bangkok of its addiction to plastics using a student-led, grassroots strategy. Ennio has lived in 10 countries and has experienced a wide range of cultures which has helped him to understand more about society and its various mechanisms. The cultural gaps and mode of consumption between the countries in which he has resided and visited has given Ennio a vision and a series of goals to work toward in establishing a sustainable environment, which each of us can rely on.


Ennio will be a key note speaker at this up coming United Nations event

Berkeley’s Grin Green International (GGI) is the first of its kind, student-led social enterprise striving to lead initiatives that either reform or abolish single-use plastic culture in Thailand. In this context, student-led means that a staff of ambitious, innovative students from many different countries are the driving force behind all operations.


While we are driven by our passion, GGI is broken up into a variety of teams and departments ranging from public relations, research and development, marketing, design, and several others all in the name of experiential education. We believe that sitting in a classroom preparing for standardized tests is outdated and ineffective in preparing students to address urgent issues. Since launching our enterprise a little over a year ago we have accomplished some amazing things. To get our message heard we have led several marches and protests in downtown Bangkok to bring awareness to apathetic environmental habits. One of our students spoke at UN ESCAP Asia headquarters in Bangkok as part of its World Environment Day initiative. We have also spoken and given workshops at several businesses and schools around Thailand as well. GGI and its members have been featured in numerous international news outlets ranging from Reuters, Nikkei Business Review, Newsweek, and Bangkok Post.


Through connections in various professions and experiential training in specific fields GGI staff has essentially become experts in respective fields and in everything plastic. Our campaigns are always catered to generating public awareness regarding why student-led change matters, as well as how we must work together in preserving Thailand’s exotic natural beauty. Everyone is welcome to join us and get involved. For more information about Grin Green and current and up-coming activities please contact: - or visit our website:

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