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Colt Nickel

Middle School Science

​B.S. Geology (minor Zoology) – University of Oklahoma, United States
M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction - American College of Education, United States
M.Ed. Educational Leadership - American College of Education, United States


Greetings! I am honored and excited as I begin this new epoch of my life as a Science teacher at Berkeley. I hail from the plains of Oklahoma but come way of passage of the great state of Washington, home of the Missoula Floods and Columbia River. With a major in Paleontology and a focus in Digital Literacy, along with my spouse and offspring with a Y genetic marker, I’m sure this new venture will be as much of a learning experience for me as the one I will provide for the students at Berkeley International School. I am hopeful this experience will become an index layer of my professional and personal life.

Jenna Duvall

Middle School Social Studies

​B.A. in History Education - University of Central Oklahoma, United States 


Hello! My name is Jenna Duvall and I’ve lived in Norman, Oklahoma almost my entire life. I have a love for travel and teaching, that’s what brought me to Berkeley International School. I am extremely excited to teach in Thailand. I have taught multiple subjects over the past year and half of my teaching career. The subjects include U.S. History, World History, Government, Psychology, and Sociology. I am passionate about history and my goal is to make history fun for all my students! When I’m not teaching, I enjoy reading, working out, walking my dog, cooking, and making new adventures. I am looking forward to meeting my students and their family this following school year! 

Zoe Diacou

High School English

​Sawatdee ka!  Yiássas!  I’m elated to become a part of the Berkeley community. I spent the first half of my life (thus far) in Chicago and Minneapolis and the last half has been in Oregon. My experience as a journalist, publicist, and community organizer in Greece and the US have truly made my teaching style one which emphasizes real-world connections, integrating the historical, political, scientific, and literary contexts to whatever we’re studying.  Over the past 22 years, I’ve had the privilege of teaching drama, health, English as a foreign language, social studies, science, math, and language arts, and have even taught in China and Korea. I’ve learned to appreciate the diversity of our world and enjoy hiking, kayaking, theater, dance, and reading. Some of my favorite volunteer experiences include tide-pool yoga while hunting for sea stars, eradicating invasive plants while keeping out of the way of bears, and being a public affairs officer for the Red Cross and Community Emergency Response Team.  I look forward to exploring the nooks and crannies of Bangkok and beyond and learning from all of my students and colleagues.

Stef Edmisson Mirjah

High School Science

Hi!  I’m Stef Edmisson Mirjah, and I am thrilled to be teaching Biology and Chemistry here at Berkeley! I grew up in a small town in the midwestern USA, and attended college in Wooster, Ohio, where I studied Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, with a minor in History.  Soon after graduating I moved to New York City, where I taught high school Biology for four years, before moving to Seattle and teaching Biology and Chemistry for 5 years! 


My favorite things in the world are science (especially cells), baking (yeast is amazing), and going on adventures with my husband and our dog Yoshi!  Although my dog is named after a Mario character, my one true video game love is the Legend of Zelda, and I have played every Zelda game released! Additionally, I’m a massive fan of D&D, and I run a game for a group of my friends, and one for my family!  I can’t wait to get to know all of you and discover so many exciting things about the world around us through SCIENCE!!!!

Sarah Ross

Middle School Language Arts

​Bachelors of Education, Elementary Ed., Middle Level English, Oklahoma State University


Hi Berkeley parents and students! I am Miss Sarah Mae Ross, and I moved to Thailand last year to teach at Berkeley. I taught Middle School Language Arts in the United States for over 14 years, mostly in Oklahoma City. Over the years I have really found that middle school aged kids are unique, and a lot of fun to teach! Sharing literature with them, and hearing their personal stories is probably my favorite part of my job. I was born in Michigan, and lived there for about 10 years before my family moved to Oklahoma. My first year living in Bangkok, I really fell in love with living in this beautiful country. I look forward to spending another year at Berkeley with these great students, and another year of exploring Thailand!

Brian Burkey

High School Math

​Masters Degree in Educational Leadership - American College of Education, United States
Cross Categorical K-12 Teacher Certificate (Math, Special Ed.) - University of Missouri, United States
Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice - Liberty University, United States


Hello and welcome to Berkeley International School! I have been a middle/high school math teacher since 2011. I love everything about math. I love how organized it is, how black and white it is, and how useful it is on a daily basis. I love sharing my knowledge of math because it is fun to equip bright young minds with the skills they will need to be successful as doctors, bankers, engineers, scientists, computer programmers, etc. I know that math is a skill that does not come easy to everyone. For this reason, I make it my personal mission to present new skills in various ways that everyone can understand. I am married to my beautiful wife Katrina and have four children, Sophia, Caedmon, Kaliyah, and Samara. Thailand is an amazing place to live and my family and I plan on staying for at least a few more years if not permanently. We love the food, culture, weather, and especially the people. The culture and family environment at Berkeley is the main reason I have continued to return each year. This is the nicest working environment I have ever experienced. If you are thinking about joining, come by for a look, you will not be disappointed!

Shobhit Pathak

High School Science/Math

Graduate Diploma in Teaching – St. Theresa International College, Thailand

Bachelor of Science – Hemwati Nandan Bahuguna University, India

Hi, I am Shobhit Pathak and I have been teaching science and maths at middle and high school level for the last 14 years. I was born in Meerut, India and grew up in the beautiful valley of Dehradun, India. I moved to Thailand in 2011 and have driven all around the country since then and loved each and every part of it. I enjoy reading and cycling in my free time.

I love working at Berkeley International School due to the friendly atmosphere here with colleagues and students. I became a teacher as I relish the responsibility of teaching young adults and enjoy challenging them so they find new boundaries for themselves. I had always worked in boarding schools before moving to Thailand and that allows me to see individuals before I see them as students. Students in international schools offer unique challenges and opportunities and I am sure I will learn while teaching as I always have.

Steven Riss

High School Social Studies

Masters in Business Management - University of Colorado at Denver, USA

Bachelors in Sociology - University of Colorado at Boulder, USA

My name is Steven and I was born and raised in the great state of Colorado!  I have been teaching internationally since 2014, including a previous stint of four years in Phuket, where I met my wife.  We are happy to call Thailand our home and love the charm of its people.  I have taught World Geography, AP Human Geography, Sociology, World History, Ancient Civilizations, US History, Comparative Government, Economics, American Literature, Language Arts and Composition, in addition to also writing curriculum for a school in Shanghai.  Before my time as an educator, I worked for Apple, and then worked in finance, before finally owning a small construction business that specialized in home remodels.  In my spare time I enjoy watching and playing sports, traveling and visiting Bangkok’s best restaurants.  

Chase Holmes

Middle School Math

​Bachelors in Education - University of Memphis, United States


My name is Chase Holmes and I love working at Berkeley International School.  I was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, and having taught for several years in the American education system, decided to combine my love of teaching and travel. I love coming up with new ideas and ways to help students understand the many concepts of math. In my spare time, I love to travel and see what the world has to offer, and being based in Bangkok is perfect for this!

Jill Vinson

High School Language Arts

​Hello, and sawadee-ka! My name is Jill and I'm thrilled to be a part of the dynamic team at Berkeley International School. I'm a nomad by nature, originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA; then I lived in South Carolina after earning my BA and MAT from Clemson University (Go Tigers!). I taught English and Spanish there for three years, and afterwards embarked my journey as an international educator in Abu Dhabi, UAE, where I've been living and teaching for the past seven years. I have a passion for travel and believe in seeing as much of the world as possible; learning is a lifelong endeavor and I love to explore new cultures. I firmly believe that every place has something unique to offer and every person has something important to teach. I bring that philosophy to my classroom where I love to give my students opportunities to collaborate and learn from each other. As a teacher of language and literature, I strive to bring real-world relevance of texts out into the light for students to explore. When I'm not in a classroom or boarding an airplane, you'll either find me in a cozy chair with a book and a cup of coffee or else in the kitchen cooking up something tasty.   

Geoff Baker

High School Social Studies

​B.A., Sociology - he State University of New York at Oswego

M.A., International Relations - Webster University

M.Ed., Secondary Education; Social Studies - The College of New Jersey


It's a great pleasure to meet you all. I have been working in Thailand and South Africa for the last ten years. Prior to teaching, I managed an ambitious social enterprise that trained young entrepreneurs residing in the townships outside Cape Town, South Africa, how to build, replicate, manage, and franchise our eco-friendly housing units in their communities. In addition to teaching, I have since founded Grin Green International, the world’s first student-centered social enterprise with the ambitious aim of liberating Bangkok of its addiction to disposable plastics. As a professional educator, I am an avid practitioner of experiential learning strategies and look forward to helping Berkeley’s students get the most out of their education.