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The College and University admissions process is always roaring along at Berkeley. One of the common requirements for college admissions anywhere in the world is a good score on the SAT. 


Here is a snapshot of Berkeley students' recent SAT results:


  1. The average score for Berkeley test-takers was 59 points higher than the global average.

  2. 90% of Berkeley test-takers scored in the top half of all SAT test-takers globally.

  3. 50% of Berkeley students scored in the top quarter of all test takers globally.

  4. 20% of Berkeley test-takers scored above 1400 putting then in the top 5 percent of test-takers globally.

  5. All of the test takers scoring above 1400 have spent their entire high school career at Berkeley -- they are true products of our system.


While we recognize SAT scores are not a perfect measure of a student's knowledge or ability, they are an important consideration for most college admissions officers.


We are incredibly proud of our students and their achievements on the SAT. They have shown that Berkeley students are not only above average but compare well with the best students in the world.

Ashley Peek,

Berkeley International School Headmaster


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