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Berkeley plays team sports in competitions at home and away in soccer, basketball, swimming, table tennis and badminton at all levels for both boys and girls.

Soccer is the main sport of the school and we have fielded strong teams in 7 and 11 a side games, including boys and girls teams covering elementary, middle and high school. We are involved in home and away competitions.

Berkeley are committed to bringing the best of all sports to our students for their development, confidence, and overall learning. It is important for a child’s well being to have a strong sporting background, as this provides an appreciation for fair play, physical aptitude, unity and a sense of team accomplishment.

All students take physical education as a graded subject, and all have the opportunity to participate in after school sports programs. We intend for Berkeley to be recognized as a top tier sporting school, and to give every opportunity to talented students to compete at the highest level.


Berkeley International School strives to inspire all students to excel. Through an active-student centered approach, based on the American Common Core Standards, we are able to provide our students the skills, knowledge, and habits to be effective communicators, independent learners, and responsible global citizens.

Berkeley is Truly International

•     50%+ students from Europe and North America
•     All of our teachers are from the US, UK and Canada
•     Come and see the difference
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Upcoming Events


End of Quarter 1

9 October

We are one quarter of the way through the year, half way through the first semester, and week 10 of 44.

Report Cards Out

15 October

Celebration time, let's see how well your children have done.

Parent Conferences

17 October

All parents are invited to meet our teachers and discuss their children's performance.

October Holiday

20 October - 24 October

It's time to recharge - in honour of King Chulalongkorn.

Staff Professional Development

21 November

More top level training for our educators.

King's Birthday

5 December

Spend time with your family to celebrate His Majesty, the King's birthday.

Soccer Sixes Goal Compilation Video

17 May, 2014 saw Berkeley host its first Soccer Sixes tournament. With well over 200 in attendance, and over 90 on the field, the event was a stunning and memorable demonstration of Berkeley's burgeoning sports program.

5 September, 2014

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29th August 2014

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15 August 2014

Dear Berkeley Parents, I hope you all enjoyed your four-day holiday. It was a bit odd having a long weekend two days after the start of school. Next week starts a string...

Parent Teacher Meeting - PTO

Berkeley will be hosting its first PTO meeting of the year. September 1st at 3:15 in the Library. All Berkeley parents are welcome to attend and discuss ways to make our ...