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AISAA League Overview:

June 2017 saw the founding of a new sports league for international schools in Bangkok. The AISAA league or ‘Asia International Schools Athletic Association’ features the current member schools:

Berkeley, Concordian, Ekamai, KIS, Mahidol & Wells AISAA began activities in the school year 2017-18. The league believes in respect, good sportsmanship and fair play with the main goal being friendly competition between our member schools. All outside schools are free to apply to join our AISAA Tournaments.

Other outside schools can also apply to become full time members of the league after the first season play is concluded. The prerequisite for a school to join AISAA is being able to field teams in both boys and girls sports to students of all ages. Current divisions are broken into the following grade groups: Varsity, G10-U, G7-U, G5-U, G3-U

As the league matures and play becomes stronger this will then lead to AISAA International Tournaments and the opportunity for our student athletes to travel abroad for competition.

For updates visit the leagues own website at the following address: www.aisaa.org

Athletic Overview