Paul Pallister

Paul Pallister


Bachelor of Science and Bachelor Education
University of Alberta, Canada

Master of Educational Leadership
University of Portland, USA

Hello Berkeley Community. My name is Paul Pallister. I am very humbled to be your Headmaster. I was a school administrator in Canada for 20 years working for students from grade 1 to 12 in a variety of schools. In 2023 I finished two years of school administration in Kuwait. Throughout my career, I have thoroughly enjoyed helping thousands of students realize their potential. Please stop by to say hello and let me know how Berkeley can best support your educational needs.

Kannika Leelapanyalert

Kannika Leelapanyalert

Executive Director

PhD in Management Science - The University of Manchester, UK

MSc in Business and Management - Strathclyde University, UK

Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in Higher Education - London Metropolitan University, UK

Postgraduate Diploma in English and Management - University of Exeter, UK

Bachelor in Law - Thammasat University, Thailand

Hello, I´m Mink. With over 18 years of experience in academia, my passion for educating and nurturing young minds has grown. I´m excited to join the Berkeley family. During my 14 years studying and working in the UK, I served as a Marketing Lecturer at the University of London´s Birkbeck College. Subsequently, I became an Assistant Professor at the College of Management, Mahidol University.
Recently, I contributed as a Senior Business Development Specialist at Baker McKenzie, gaining insights into the demands of a competitive business environment. This experience uniquely positions me to support my colleagues as we strive to enhance our school and personal growth.

My dedication to youth development extends to my free time—I volunteer as a teacher and serve as a Board Trustee at a charity supporting underprivileged children in the Klongtoey community. Outside of work, I cherish quality time with my family, enjoy traveling, and find pleasure in Pilates and cooking Thai food.

I am thrilled to play a vital role in Berkeley´s development and assist all our students in reaching their full potential as independent, self-motivated, and responsible global citizens.

Kannika Leelapanyalert, Signature
Karen Hendren

Karen Hendren

Primary Principal

Masters of Education Administration
Endicott University - Madrid, Spain

Bachelor of Elementary Education
Oklahoma State University

Hello Everyone! I have been working at Berkeley since 2015 and have loved every second of it! I have had the opportunity to work in both the elementary and kindergarten divisions. It has been such a joy to be in the classroom watching our bright students grow and develop every day. I am thrilled to work as Primary Principal to not only continue working with our students but also work closely with our staff to push ourselves to make Berkeley the best it can be! In my free time I like to get outside- ride bikes, play softball and tennis. I also enjoy a good doodle session on my iPad creating different kinds of print materials. I am looking forward to another great year at Berkeley!

 Elizabeth Frantz-Larson

Elizabeth Frantz-Larson

Social & Emotional Counselor

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology - Arizona State University, USA

Master of Education in International Education - Framingham State University, USA

Hello, I´m Elle and I am so excited to be part of the Berkeley family as the Social and Emotional Counselor. I have lived in Thailand since 2011 with my husband, Eric, and we consider this place our home. I have also worked as a counselor, mentor, educator and yoga teacher in the USA. I have studied mindfulness and yoga since I was 16 and love to share this practice as it has helped me grow in my own life. I love to read, learn and talk with others about life and believe taking care of ourselves, both physically and mentally, is very important. My door is always open with an empathic ear and open mind. I am so looking forward to getting to know everyone this year!

Jill Vinson

Jill Vinson

College Counselor

Hello, and sawadee-ka! My name is Jill and I´m thrilled to be a part of the dynamic team at Berkeley International School. I´m a nomad by nature, originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, USA; then I lived in South Carolina after earning my BA and MAT from Clemson University (Go Tigers!). I taught English and Spanish there for three years, and afterwards embarked my journey as an international educator in Abu Dhabi, UAE, where I´ve been living and teaching for the past seven years. I have a passion for travel and believe in seeing as much of the world as possible; learning is a lifelong endeavor and I love to explore new cultures. I firmly believe that every place has something unique to offer and every person has something important to teach. I bring that philosophy to my classroom where I love to give my students opportunities to collaborate and learn from each other. As a teacher of language and literature, I strive to bring real-world relevance of texts out into the light for students to explore. When I´m not in a classroom or boarding an airplane, you´ll either find me in a cozy chair with a book and a cup of coffee or else in the kitchen cooking up something tasty.

Lauren Welbourne

Lauren Welbourne

Curriculum Coordinator

Master´s in International Education - Framingham State University, United States

Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Marketing and Advertising - University of Lincoln, United Kingdom

Hi Berkeley Community!

My name is Ms. Lauren, I am originally from the UK and have worked in education at various International Schools in Thailand since 2014. My family and I very much love living here and feel privileged to call it home.

Having taught in the classroom for many years, I feel passionate about reaching all students where they are and enabling them to progress and achieve. As the Curriculum Coordinator, my role is to maintain and enhance the quality of education within Berkeley by ensuring that the curriculum is relevant, engaging, and effectively supports student learning. I am excited to work with our dedicated teachers and students to develop the curriculum further, ensuring we meet the needs of learners, and promote effective teaching and learning.

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